How to Apply Online

Follow these simple steps to apply online:

Step 1: Create an account. To create an account, go to Students > Create Account

Step 2: Login using the username and password you choose when you created an account

Step 3: You will be redirected to the Student Portal on login. Click on Application Form

Step 4: Click on Apply

Step 5: Click on Continue 

Step 6: Enter your name and email and click on Make Payment at the bottom right.

Step 7: Enter your debit cards details and follow the instructions on the screen and click on Submit.

Step 8: After successful payment, you will be redirected to a page with access to the application form.

Step 9: Fill it and submit.

Step 10: In case you don’t want to fill the form immediately, you can access the form at any other time by going to Students > Application Form. (Note: You will get Error 404 if you have not paid for the application form but tried to access it).